Welcome to the SES: Virtual Induction Passport

Welcome to the SES: Virtual Induction Passport

This system has been designed with input from NHS Lothian, NHS Borders, and NHS Fife, and is designed to assign you material based on your location, job grade and specialty.

For help or support in using the system, please contact support@learnpro.co.uk

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Before you continue

Please note that the VIP is for doctors in NHS Lothian, NHS Borders and NHS Fife.

Unauthorised accesses of the system are recorded, and will be passed on to the relevant Medical Education Directorate.

Please note: THIS OPTION IS ONLY FOR STARTING NEW PATHWAYS, i.e. if you are changing training post, or commencing a new grade.

Starting a new pathway will result in any incomplete courses on your current pathway being defaulted.

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